Exploring AT&T’s Video Meeting Room (VMR) Telepresence Solution

Exploring AT&T’s Video Meeting Room (VMR) Telepresence Solution

Presented by KINBER and AT&T

KINBER is currently hosting a pilot program for its members to explore and test the AT&T Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) solution, and this webinar provides an in-depth look at the technology.

The AT&T Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is a telepresence solution that allows users to experience the flexibility of conducting reservationless, multipoint video meetings on demand with the ease of a conference call. By simply dialing into the AT&T VMR using either a standard H.323 hardware or SIP endpoint or desktop/mobile client, anyone anywhere can participate in an ad-hoc reservationless meeting on demand.

Join us to:

Hear an overview of the AT&T telepresence and collaboration tool suite.

Learn the details about the AT&T VMR solution.

Have your questions answered by AT&T’s engineering staff.

Discuss and explore possibilities