ATLAS LIVE! A Virtual Visit to CERN

ATLAS LIVE! A Virtual Visit to CERN


This unique educational outreach program was designed to engage students and the public about what’s happening as part of one of the largest global scientific experiments in the world. The ATLAS Experiment at CERN is one of the largest most complex scientific instruments ever constructed. It is designed to explore the inner universe, advancing our understanding of the basic building blocks of nature. Three thousand physicists from 178 institutions in 38 countries around the world participate in ATLAS. When the LHC is in operation, up to 600 million protons collide every second inside the detector. ATLAS Virtual Visits gives the public a unique opportunity to be part of this great scientific adventure. Using web-based video conferencing tools, participants talk with an ATLAS physicist, receive a tour of the control room, and get answers to their questions. For the KINBER Virtual Visit we were joined live by Steve Goldfarb, Outreach & Education Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment, CERN who shared information about the ATLAS Live Virtual Visits program and how education and community organizations can get involved.

Steve Goldfarb

Steve Goldfarb is the Outreach & Education Coordinator at ATLAS Experiment, CERN