Application Security: The Application is the New Perimeter

Application Security: The Application is the New Perimeter

Application Security Services to Mitigate Business Disruptions

This FREE webinar is geared for CIOs, CTOs, Network Directors / Managers, Network / Security Engineers, Lines of Business Influencers

With BYOD, IoT, and Cloud Computing, applications are everywhere and used by nearly everyone. Your business is driven by them, your students connect with you through them, and your employees can’t do their jobs without them. Because we rely on them, applications must be available when we need them, able to respond when we need them, and secure enough to protect employee and student confidential information. F5 provides application security services to ensure you can deliver the most secure, fast, and reliable applications to students, employees and vendors, anywhere, on any device, at any time. Key discussion topics include: How F5 and KINBER can deliver DDoS Mitigation (On-premise & Cloud) to ensure application availability at all times especially during Standardized Testing periods; SSL Visibility for Inbound and Outbound traffic; Secure access & authentication to on-premise and cloud based applications.

This webinar will focus on the need for application security services to mitigate business disruptions and to ensure student and employee productivity.

Discover how to optimize application security at your organization with KINBER and f5.