Network Services

Maximize the power of PennREN. From Ethernet port connections and point-to-point services to commodity internet, KINBER works directly with you to tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Commodity Internet 


KINBER Peering and Caching 

KINBER Member Exchange (KMEX)


Ethernet Point-to-Point

Ethernet Point-to-Multipoint

KINBER offers a variety of services to its members, including:

  • 1G Ethernet Port Connection
  • 10G Ethernet Port Connection
  • Commodity Internet
  • 1G Ethernet Point-to-Point
  • 10G Ethernet Point-to-Point
  • 10G Lambda Point-to-Point
  • Native IPv6 Connectivity
  • KINBER Member Exchange (KMEX)

Want to learn more? Contact Ken Barber at for pricing and details specific to your organization’s needs.

KINBER has created several network services pricing options to meet the diverse set of budgetary and technical needs. Our current pricing packages includes:

  • PennREN Basic
    • A la carte menu of services
    • Configured as Ethernet Port plus Service
    • Bandwidth from 100Mbps t0 10Gbps
  • PennREN Advantage
    • All inclusive service delivery including:
      • Ethernet Port Service
      • Commodity Internet
      • Internet2
      • KINBER Peering and Caching Services
      • KINBER Member Exchange (KMEX)
    • Bandwidth from 250Mbps to 10Gbps
  • PennREN Service Bundles
    • Customized Service Packages
  • Dark Fiber
    • Annual Leases & 20 Year IRU
    • Available as Full Footprint, Segment or Per Mile

There is no “one size fits all” in a state as large and as diverse as Pennsylvania. KINBER is pleased to offer a range of last mile connectivity options that meet this diverse set of needs and interests. We work with organizations to help identify the best possible last mile solution for connectivity. Learn more by watching this recent webinar on Last Mile Connectivity Options.

  • Fiber
  • Lit Services
  • Wireless

Authoritative IPv4 and IPv6 DNS Services hosted and maintained by GlobalNOC and KINBER is now available to KINBER Members. The service is hosted across 2 servers at diverse points in the PennREN Network and 1 server in AS1767, Indiana’s Research & Education Network (I-Light). Zone files are also stored in a SVN repository located at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and Indianapolis, IN for additional backup.

KINBER can provide either a standalone service, or add redundancy for sites that also have their own infrastructure.

DNS change requests can be emailed to our NOC (, and processed within 1 business day. We authenticate the request by calling you back at a number we’ve already agreed upon. Optionally, you can GPG sign the request with a key you’ve requested that we trust. If more prompt service is needed, follow the email request with a phone call to our NOC (317-274-3213) and request immediate action. This contact information is at <> as well.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, adding or adjusting your zone(s) to our new server, or to find out more about the service, please open a ticket with the PennREN NOC by calling 317-274-3213 or emailing them at

Managed router services are available to organizations taking PennREN network services from KINBER. Managed router service features include:

  •  24/7/365 monitoring through PennREN NOC collecting interface and CPU stats on each device
  • Automatic backup configuration of all equipment
  • Real-time Alertmon monitoring of any alarms and Service Desk engagement on alarms
  • Tier II Break/Fix Engagement of alarms
  • Tier III engagement of Tier II escalated situations
  • Hardware RMA Replacement
    • Equipment under SmartNET contracts will be replaced through existing contract
    • EOS/EOL equipment will be replaced with KINBER supported equipment at agreed upon pricing when failures occur
  • Software Upgrades

    • Evaluation of new firmware and software upgrades on supported devices

KINBER Library Network Assessment is available as a pilot to select libraries across the Commonwealth. The Library Network Assessment includes an on-site survey and deep dive into the library’s broadband connectivity, networking infrastructure, and software applications with a report on how these areas can be improved. The KINBER network assessment report could lead to better broadband connectivity, KINBER supported networking infrastructure with 24/7/365 network monitoring of the library network, and a better understanding of the library’s network environment today. Read more here and request a Library Network Assessment today.

KINBE  DDoS Mitigation service is available to the KINBER community on PennREN. The DDoS Mitigation service provided by TeliaCarrier offers a distributed network centric Intelligent DDoS Protection Service that protects a customer’s Internet connection, hosts, applications and services against the threat and impact of DDoS attacks while allowing legitimate traffic to continue to its destination. Read more here and request DDoS Mitigation today.

Interested in accessing these services now? Contact for more information.

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