KINBER is a trusted technology partner serving a diverse range of communities including Higher Education, Research, K12, Healthcare, Libraries, Public Media, State and Local Government and the non-profit cultural community across the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As the state-wide research and education network in PA, KINBER is able to deliver maximum value to our members and the community by offering a variety of network and infrastructure services and “above net” services to help meet their organizational needs and goals.

CONNECTIVITY  includes connectivity to PennREN, Commodity Internet, Internet2, KINBER Peering and Caching Services, KINBER Member Exchange (KMX), Ethernet Point-to-Point, and Dark Fiber.

COMMUNITY SERVICES offers a range of value-added “above-net” services to the community at discounted rates. KINBER also provides technical training and professional development opportunities, educational programs, grant assistance and collaboration facilitation and development for our members and the community.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS are available to help meet a diverse range of needs and requirements. These include our partnerships with other research and education networks and network consortia as well as strategic partnerships with corporate entities such as TierPoint, Sungard AS, and others.

TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS and last mile connectivity options are offered to support the needs of our members, ranging from small health systems to large university settings.

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