KINBER is a trusted technology partner providing network based technology services and community services to institutions across Pennsylvania. KINBER also works with vendor partners and commercial entities to offer the essential technology services that PA organizations seek.

As Pennsylvania’s statewide research and education network KINBER offers broadband network connectivity to the statewide backbone called PennREN for organizations across a range of institutions including education, research, healthcare, library, public media, state and local government, non-profits and for-profit communities.

Network Services

KINBER’s network services include PennREN connectivity, access to Internet2, TRCPS, Peering and Caching, and access to the KINBER Member Exchange (KMEX). Get more information on all of KINBER’s network service offerings and packages for network services here.

Community Services

KINBER’s community services include “above the net” services and offerings that Pennsylvania organizations seek. Get more information on all of KINBER’s community service offerings here.

Affiliate Services

KINBER’s affiliate services include services and offerings available to the KINBER community through strategic partnerships with vendors and service providers. Get more information on all of KINBER’s affiliate service offerings here.

Get Started Today! Contact KINBER at or (717) 963-7490.

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