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First time a last-mile provider linked organizations not directly connected to PennREN

In June 2013, KINBER announced that Velocity Network connected PennREN to the WQLN Public Media studios in Erie and successfully transmitted data to WPSU in State College. The connection is a milestone for KINBER and represents the first time a last-mile provider linked organizations that are not connected directly to the PennREN network.

According to Dwight Miller, the former president of WQLN, “This connection will allow WQLN to do things they haven’t previously been able to do. They will be more efficient while using fewer resources. For instance, WPSU produces Penn State sports programs. To get that HD file to WQLN, they had to put it on a thumb drive and drop it in the mail.”

WPSU’s Kate Domico, interim general manager of Penn State Public Media/WPSU, also noted the host of new opportunities that were not possible before. “WPSU is eager to collaborate on this technology partnership with PennREN,” she said. “This direct connection to WQLN will enable us to provide viewers in Northwest Pennsylvania better access to Penn State programming as soon as this fall.”

The availability of PennREN fiber optic connections in Erie area means other local non-profit organizations such as universities and hospitals can collaborate with facilities across the commonwealth and take advantage of the opportunities that fiber optic service brings to an organization. For example, a medical facility can share data with a remote office or a professor can lecture to students at another facility hundreds of miles away.

“Fiber optic service has the ability to let organizations expand and improve their global communications as well as control future costs,” said Joel Deuterman, CEO of Velocity Network.

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