KINBER is actively monitoring the following sources for updated recommendations and action guidelines related to COVID-19:

Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH)
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)

Additional Information

Penn State Coronavirus Information Updates for PSU Community
Pitt Shifts to Remote Learning
Drexel University Response to Coronavirus
University of Pennsylvania Coronavirus FAQ
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Resources for Institutes of Higher Education
Coronavirus Dashboard

Resources and Support for KINBER Community 

KINBER is aware of the additional networking resource requirements and support COVID-19 events may be placing on educational institutions across the commonwealth as they move from in-class instruction to remote and virtual means over the coming days and weeks. As colleges and universities and K12 schools move to online contingencies, KINBER is prepared to help in any way we can. This includes assisting any efforts to plan for increased online learning and remote work activities through additional usage of your available bandwidth capacity and/or temporarily offering additional bandwidth capacity to meet anticipated requirements and support your contingency planning. Read more about how KINBER can support your organization’s needs as you adapt to evolving COVID-19 conditions.

KINBER Resources and Support for the Community
Support for Moving to Online Education Environments
Internet2 Response to Coronavirus

Updates to the KINBER Community

COVID-19 Notices, Updates, and Resources for KINBER CommunityRead more