Economic Development

Serving Economic Development Efforts

KINBER is a collaborative community of education, healthcare, economic development, libraries, government and public media organizations that utilizes the high-performance Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, also known as PennREN. By offering essential services and exceptional member support, KINBER will help your institution achieve its mission and goals through the ongoing discovery, application and transfer of new network technologies. Essentially, KINBER provides access to connectivity, content, and collaboration.

KINBER believes in the strength of a vibrant, collaborative community that can work with leading technology firms to address challenges of common interest for the common good. By connecting organizations, building relationships and sharing services, community institutions can achieve far more together than they can alone.


Network Engineering Expertise

KINBER’s engineers are respected experts in the field and can provide customized configurations to link one office or multiple locations to PennREN. Whether it’s configuring BGP, IPv6, subnetting, or multicast, our networking team can find the right solution to meet the network needs of community organizations.


Why Economic Development Organizations Love KINBER

  • KINBER provides access to necessary technology infrastructure, which is important to companies and employees relocating or starting businesses.
  • KINBER enables services that offer employers opportunities for the latest modeling, simulating, telecommuting, teleconferencing and other up-to-date research and communications tools.
  • KINBER makes it possible for small businesses to reach new markets and compete more equally with larger corporations through e-commerce.
  • KINBER provides access to training and employment opportunities in support of workforce development.


PennREN, KINBER’s High Speed High Capacity Network

PennREN was built and is managed by KINBER. The network provides next generation broadband to non-profit organizations across 50 counties of Pennsylvania. It enables value-added services like Ultra (4K) high-definition (UHD) video, telepresence or videoconferencing, and data sharing. The collaborative environment also provides opportunities for member institutions to share best practices, content and programs across the network and save costs using KMEX, the KINBER Member Exchange.

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Economic Development Highlights

KINBER Propels Businesses at Bucknell University Entrepreneurs Incubator

Located in Lewisburg, the Bucknell University Entrepreneurs Incubator (BUEI) provides startup ventures and early stage companies with affordable office space, office services and opportunities for consulting and networking.

As BUEI’s resident businesses grew, so did the use of its Internet service, which quickly became woefully inadequate to meet the growing needs of the businesses.   For example, one of the organizations was trying to prepare for business disruptions by backing up to a cloud-based system, but the Internet service was inadequate for backing up to the cloud.

When BUEI spoke with technology support at Bucknell, KINBER was suggested as a possible solution that had the capacity to support BUEI’s growing technology demands. BUEI worked with Bucknell and KINBER to connect to the Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN), which was built and is managed by KINBER and provides next generation broadband to non-profit organizations across 50 counties of Pennsylvania.

“The service is fantastic and has transformed our capacity overnight,” said Dennis Hummer, business consultant, Small Business Development Center at Bucknell University. He continued to note, “KINBER is providing a great service that we can offer to the incubator’s clients, which is important when dealing with those who provide services ranging from online training modules and imaging to designing and developing high-performance digital hardware systems for genomic research.”


Brighton Training Group Leverages the Benefits of KINBER

Brighton Training Group is housed at Bucknell University Entrepreneurs Incubator (BUEI) and provides online training solutions and customizable e-Learning courses tailored to an organization’s unique needs. The group’s services include curriculum development, instructional design, course development and tailored Learning Management Systems. Learn more at

“Just about all of the tasks that we do are online via a web browser. The Internet speed at the BUEI office was too slow and it was effecting our bottom line. Tech companies such as Brighton rely on fast Internet speeds in order to run the business more efficiently. Web page load times and transferring large files are much faster now. In addition, we can now hold frequent videoconferences with distributed Brighton staff and clients so it cuts down on the travel costs involved with in person meetings.”   – Mike Matukaitis, Partner, CEO, Brighton Training Group