Troy Area School District is First District to Connect to PennREN at 10 Gbps

Troy Area School District is First District to Connect to PennREN at 10 Gbps

In an effort to meet its growing educational and technology needs, Troy Area School District worked with the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) to become the first district in Pennsylvania to connect to PennREN, the high performance Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, at 10 Gbps, providing the district’s required network speed and capacity.

“KINBER values education and is committed to helping schools and other organizations meet their challenges by serving as a trusted technology partner, providing expertise and access to enabling technology that provides educational opportunities through broadband network connectivity such as virtual field trips, use of remote scientific instruments and access to large digital collections,” said KINBER President and CEO Wendy Huntoon.

Several schools, school districts, intermediate units already connect to PennREN at 1 Gbps, including Hempfield School District, Penn Manor School District, and The Hill School. Troy Area School District is the first to reach 10 Gbps.

Reinventing K-12 Education in PA for the Technology Age

“KINBER has expanded our opportunity to put technology in the hands of all our students and teachers. It is allowing us to reinvent education in Troy for the technology age our students will spend their lifetimes living in. It has enhanced our opportunity to connect students and teachers to everyone on the planet,” said W. Charles Young, Troy Area School District superintendent.

Darren Roy, chair of the district’s Board Technology Committee, agreed, stating, “The Troy Area School District was able to increase our internet capacity one hundred times over what our local Intermediate Unit was providing while still saving money.”

Noting that Troy is one of the smaller school districts in Pennsylvania based on enrollment yet one of the largest in geographic coverage, Roy said, “We are always looking to cut expenses while not impacting students’ education during these current budget issues. KINBER allowed us to expand our network capacity and our online learning including the one-to-one iPad initiative we have implemented. The legacy network of our Intermediate Unit was not able to handle the growth we needed nor able Page 2 to allow us to expand our other expansion plans. In all my years on the Board of Education this was one, if not the most, defining vote I have ever cast.”

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