EdgeCon 2019

EdgeCon 2019

A few weeks ago, I attended the EdgeCon event in Long Branch, New Jersey. EdgeCon is the annual conference held every January by New Jersey’s own R&E Network, NJEdge. This year’s theme, Ride the Wave – Digital Transformation from Strategy to Practice, featured working groups and speakers focused on user experience and transforming todays digital leadership through new innovations in cybersecurity, harnessing Big Data Analytics, and exploring new tools and strategies. This year’s conference also seemed to have an underlying, parallel theme of Women in Technology, a current “wave” many tech companies are riding these days. I thoroughly enjoyed the Women Leaders in Technology Panel Discussion workshop. The panel featured a wide range of women leaders including some from the private sector, higher ed. CIO’s, and NJEdge Board members. The discussion was honest and peeled back the layers of issues facing not only women in tech but the challenges that emerge in the tech workplace as a result of limited representation by women in the field.

In addition to this, the conference presented a host of women speakers from the polished Shivvy Jervis, Futurist and Innovation Strategist, to the passionate Dr. Beth Simone Noveck, Chief Innovation Officer in NJ. But I have to say, my favorite (and based off the faces of others in the room- everyone’s favorite) was the impeccable Maj. General Patricia Frost. With her three decades of global intelligence experience, Maj. Gen. Frost captivated the audience with her stories of international and domestic cyber and electronic warfare. She touched on many topics including how we can protect ourselves in this age of social media, and how to work to educate others in a world of cyber baiting, false sources, and big data collection.

All in all, the conference was entertaining and informative. I enjoyed meeting many new contacts, engaging in thought provoking conversations and listing to the incredible women presenters.

Austin Gamble
Business Development Representative

January 28, 2019

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