The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) is a membership organization devoted to fostering collaboration through technology for education, research, healthcare, libraries, public media, workforce development, government and economic development. KINBER offers connectivity, technology infrastructure solutions and training and professional development opportunities tailored to support the needs of our members, ranging from libraries and health systems to large university settings.

KINBER built and manages the 1,800-mile Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, known as PennREN, which provides advanced data networking to non-profit organizations and fosters collaboration between Pennsylvania-based organizations for value-added services such as Internet2 connectivity, realistic high-definition video, real-time videoconferencing, and data sharing. PennREN access points are now in 51 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties with initial connections in more than 70 locations over the 1,800-mile network.

The collaborative environment also provides opportunities for member institutions to share best practices, content and programs.



KINBER envisions the day when every individual, community and organization has fair, ubiquitous and comprehensive access to educational, research, employment, healthcare, cultural, and social networking opportunities that improve the quality of life and contribute to the vibrancy, sustainability and economic stability of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



KINBER is a nonprofit membership organization that provides broadband connectivity, fosters collaboration, and promotes the innovative use of digital technologies among learning, health, media and other anchor institutions that improve the quality of life for communities in Pennsylvania through research, education and public service.


Guiding Principles

KINBER’s Board of Directors, staff and members are dedicated to upholding the following guiding principles:

  • Ensuring fair and equitable access to broadband and network services
  • Governing by the will of its member organizations
  • Being trustworthy, transparent and accountable to its members, partners, and funders
  • Cultivating an internal culture of collaboration and innovation
  • Being a thought leader and participant in regional, national and global conversations about the value and importance of network-based education and research networks
  • Educating citizens, community anchor institutions, and corporations engaged in research and development about the value of KINBER
  • Maintaining organizational and financial sustainability