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Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research

Our Vision. KINBER envisions the day when every individual, community and organization has fair, ubiquitous and comprehensive access to educational, research, employment, healthcare, cultural, and social networking opportunities that improve the quality of life and contribute to the vibrancy, sustainability and economic stability of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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KINBER is proud to be one of several research and education networks featured in the latest edition of the The Quilt Circle.

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Diagnostics, and Resources.


Visit the PennREN Network Operations Center to access network information, monitor operations, open a ticket, access diagnostics, and refer to key documentation.

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KINBER is able to deliver maximum value to our members and the community by offering a variety of network and infrastructure services and “above net” services to help meet their organizational needs and goals.

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KINBER serves all corners of the commonwealth and several professional sectors housing community anchor institutions that provide services and support to encourage innovation and improve the quality of life for the commonwealth’s residents.

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Community Anchor Case Studies

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